Itco Auto Feed Drilling Machines

Itco INDIAN ENGG CORP lends complete solution as a Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Precision Hydraulic/Pneumatic Auto feed Drilling Machines. These Automatic Drilling Machines are ideal for Drilling, Boring, Reaming, Spot Facing operations of mass production jobs. For Customer having requirement of multiple holes drilling at single stroke, a multi spindle drilling attachment can be mounted on auto feed drilling machine. We offer complete process automation for hydraulic drilling machines through a single command i.e. by pressing a push button, auto clamping of job followed by drilling operation, auto coolant system, unclamping of job after successful completion of machining. Due to power feed cycle time is reduced considerably and results in increase in production. Owing to complete automation of process in auto feed drilling machine human effort/fatigue is reduced to minimum, need of skilled labor is eliminated and a single worker can operate more than one machine at a time. Safety of the worker is considered at foremost while designing the automatic drill machine system.In auto feed drilling machine all necessary safety equipments are installed and the process is designed by poka yoke techniques. Auto drilling machine manufactured by us are very heavy duty and sturdy in construction, perceived for its high performance and very low maintenance cost. Elements of power pack and electrical panel accessories used are of Standard make online with latest industrial standards. Auto feed Drill Machine are supplied complete with Electricals & Accessories of Standard make.

Technical Specifications

Particulars Size
Drilling capacity in steel 25/32 mm
Spindle morse taper MT-3MT-4
Spindle travel 165 mm
Spindle speed (8 Nos) 80, 150, 220, 320, 580, 950, 1420, 2080
Pillar Diameter 90 mm
Distance spindle to column 240 mm
Max distance spindle to table 560 mm
Max distance spindle to base 1065 mm
Table working surface 400 x 400 mm
Motor 2 HP, 1440 rpm, 3 Phase

Salient Features

The above specification data are approximate only. In the view of continuous development, we reserve the right to change the design or dimension without notice.