Itco Precision/Gang Drilling Machines

Itco INDIAN ENGG CORP stand among best Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of multiple types of Precision Vertical Drilling Machines & Gang Drill Machines special purpose as per custom requirement. Different sizes of drilling heads & tapping heads are mounted on a single platform/ table. Gang Drilling Machines are suitable for mass production of a component ensuring high performance and better productivity. The various machining operations like drilling, reaming, counter drilling, tapping etc are identified and accordingly the selection of drilling/ tapping heads is done. For machining operations where coolant is required, an independent complete coolant system can be integrated with these special purpose vertical drilling machines. These multiple heads are mounted on independent pillars/ columns spaced conveniently. The working base is accurately machined and hand scrapped for optimum finish. For fixing the drilling jig T-Slots are machined on the working base. Requirement of Power for Gang Drilling Machine is calculated on the basis of number of heads mounted. Sliding table can be mounted on the working base for indexing the job (without unclamping) between various drill stations. Indexing is done either manually by hand feed or Automatic indexing by means of hydraulic /pneumatic feed.


Precision Drilling machine


Gang Drilling machine

Technical Specifications

Particulars Itco PDM-18 Itco PDM-20 Itco PDM-25
Drilling capacity in steel 18mm 20mm 25mm
Drilling capacity in cast iron 20mm  22mm  32mm 
Morse taper in spindle MT-2 MT-2 MT-3
Spindle travel 112 125 165
Pillar diameter 58 72 90
Pillar length 915 1065 1220
Distance btw centre of spindle & pillar front 150 206 240
Max distance btw spindle & base 685 785 1065
Base working surface (Machined) 265 x 290 395 x 340 470 x 585
Overall size of base 571 x 310 610 x 370mm 660 x 605
No of spindle speeds 4 8 8
Range of spindle speeds (rpm) 510 - 920 - 1590 - 2850 80 - 150 - 250 - 430 - 510 - 920 - 1590 - 2850 80 - 150 - 220 - 320 - 580 - 950 - 1420 - 2100
V belt A-38 A-44  B-52
Motor 1H.P, 1400rpm, 3 phase 1H.P, 1400rpm, 3 phase 2H.P, 1440rpm, 3 phase

Salient Features

The above specification data are approximate only. In the view of continuous development, we reserve the right to change the design or dimension without notice.