Itco Geared Type Pillar Drilling Machines

Itco INDIAN ENGG CORP flourish as an expertise in precision Geared type Pillar Drilling Machine Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier in INDIA and abroad. These Pillar Drill Presses are designed for both industrial mass production components and Tool room jobs. A wide range of machining operations like drilling, reaming, boring, spot facing etc can be performed successfully on these industrial pillar drills. Features like streamlined design with compact construction, wide range of spindle speeds, heavy duty pillar/column section, accurate table with machined T-slots for fixing drill vice, interchangeability of all the spares parts, grounded self holding taper of drill spindle fitted with precision taper roller bearings etc. Workmanship/ Quality of our Pillar Drill stand us apart from our competitors. Heavy duty Pillar drill press machine can also be used for drilling mini/small drills with straight shank held in drill chuck. There are four holes drilled on the base plate for foundation on the floor standing pillar drill. For safety of the operator from drill chips, guard can be fitted as an additional accessory. These Vertical drilling machine are offered at an industry leading prices.

Easy back gear engagement gives slow speed range required for various drilling operations like, reaming, chamfering, Tapping, counter drilling etc. Gears are accurately machined/ ground & fitted with sintered bushes for automatic continuous lubrication. These gears when engaged produces very less noise/vibration ensuring an accurate & precise work. Geared type Drilling machines are preferred when the hole sizes vary and ease of speed change is desired.

ITCO DM-20-8 Geared type Pillar Drilling Machine

Geared type Piller Drilling machine

ITCO DM-25 Geared type Pillar Drilling Machine

Geared Type Pillar Drilling Machine

Technical Specifications

Particulars Itco DM-20-8 Itco DM-25
Drilling capacity in steel 20mm 25mm
Drilling capacity in cast iron 22mm  32mm 
Morse taper in spindle MT-2 MT-3
Spindle travel 125 165
Pillar diameter 72 90
Pillar length 1065 1220
Distance btw centre of spindle & pillar front 206 240
Max distance btw spindle & table 410 560
Max distance btw spindle & base 785 1065
Table working surface 280 x 280 370 x 370
Base working surface (machined) 265 x 290 395 x 340
Overall size of base 571 x 310 610 x 370mm
No of spindle speeds 8 8
Range of spindle speeds (rpm) 80 - 150 - 250 - 430 - 510 - 920 - 1590 - 2850 80 - 150 - 220 - 320 - 580 - 950 - 1420 - 2100
V belt A-44 B-54
Motor 1h.p, 1400rpm, 3 phase 2h.p, 1440rpm, 3 phase
Net weight 130 kg 240kg
Space occupied (lxbxh) 710 x 430 x 1200 870 x 480 x 1400

Salient Features

The above specification data are approximate only. In the view of continuous development, we reserve the right to change the design or dimension without notice.