Itco Drilling cum Tapping Machines

Itco INDIAN ENGG CORP is manufacturing, exporting & supplying state of art Drilling cum Tapping Machine in INDIA & abroad. These Tap Drill machines are custom designed and fitted with special best quality bearings. Reliable branded electrical components are fitted in tapping attachment / electrical panel for economical high precision production of drilling and tapping operation. This Universal Tapping machine is suitable to tap any type of thread inside a vertical hole. One can do threading in Metric or BSW threads, Left Hand (LH) or Right Hand (RH) threads depending upon the machine tap selected. Tapping Drill sizes are selected from drill and tap chart. Working of this electric tapping machine is very simple. There are two limit switches operated by means of an adjustable cams which are used for Tapping in blind holes. While tapping through holes foot control switch is provided. These are semi automatic tapping machine i.e. the operator has to bring the tap towards the hole by manual action and once few threads are cut (1 to 2 nos) no further hand feed is required and the tap automatically advances towards the depth set and withdraw back successfully to home position. To switch between drilling and Tapping process mode a selector switch is provided. Machining of External threads is also possible by using a special purpose tapping tool. These Vertical Tapping machines are simple to operate, very accurate and offers a unique combination of drilling & tapping operation suitable for mass production/ tool room jobs.

ITCO DM-TM-20 Drilling cum Tapping Machine

Drilling cum Tapping machine

ITCO DM-TM-25 Drilling cum Tapping Machine

Drilling cum Tapping machine

Technical Specifications

Particulars ITCO DM-TM-20 ITCO DM-TM-25
Drilling capacity in steel 20mm 25mm
Drilling capacity in cast iron 22mm  32mm 
Tapping capacity in steel 12 25mm
Tapping capacity in cast iron 16 25mm
Morse taper in spindle MT-2 MT-3
Spindle travel 125 165
Pillar diameter 72 90
Piller length 1065 1220
Distance btw centre of spindle & pillar front 206 240
Max distance btw spindle & tableTABLE 410 560
Max distance btw spindle & base 785 1065
Table working surface 280 x 280 370 x 370
Base working surface (machined) 265 x 290 395 x 340
Overall size of base 571 x 310 610 x 370
No of spindle speeds 8 8
Range of spindle speeds (rpm) 80 - 150 - 250 - 430 - 510 - 920 - 1590 - 2850 80 - 150 - 220 - 320 - 580 - 950 - 1420 - 2100
V Belt A-44  B-54 
Motor 1H.P, 1400rpm, 3 Phase 1H.P, 1400rpm, 3 Phase
Net weight 130kg 240kg
Space occupied (LxBxH) 710 x 430 x 1200 870 x 480 x 1400

Salient Features

The above specification data are approximate only. In the view of continuous development, we reserve the right to change the design or dimension without notice.